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COMCO SERVICES paving providing resin bonded surfacing, resin bonded aggregate and gravel driveways. Our resin driveways, gravel paving and gravel surfacing with also stone drives gives Evesham paving service and Resin bonded Evesham all your solutions.

Red or Black Tarmac, Asphalt surface restorer

Old grey stained and weathered Tarmac can spoil the appearance of your property. You'll be amazed how refreshed tired tarmac can look when one coat of our black dressing is applied. COMCOS product is bitumen based coating that absorbs in to existing surface, leaving a lovely finish, which is an advanced hard wearing alternative to any Tarmac paint. Our company provide a professional workmanship with high standard preparations and restores surfaces with a soft brush technique.


Examples of our tarmac recoating.

tarmac beforefinihed costing


tarmac drive before coatingtarmac drive after


tarmac drivetarmav drive recoated