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Comco Services providing paving, concrete slabs, grass conrete, block paving, driveways domestic and commercial projects throughout UK

Hard standing installation projects

  • Below are a series of photos showing our services in pictures.

The first nine photos are all at the same property showing the establishment of driveway, path and patio area.


patio and pathdriveway before and after

Drive before/after


  • Patio and path












work on patio areapatio in contructionWork on patio area



Patio in contruction













Patio workPatio work



Competed patio













Driveway in work.

Driveway in work.











Part of completed entrance

Part of completed entrance







Completed driveway




















completed roadside entrance

Completed roadside entrance




























paershore before

pershore after





pershore job



pershore after










c job afterclives before 2







  • c job before


  • c job after









  • clives afterClives before 1

  • before clive

clives after












terry beforeterry afterterry before



terry after