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Comco Services providing paving, concrete slabs, grass conrete, block paving, driveways domestic and commercial projects throughout UK

Hard standing installation projects

Below are a series of photos showing our services in pictures.



circle patio completecircle patio before with lowered walCircle patio before with
lowered wall


Circle patio complete








completed block ing and fence workblocking patio area with walls startBlocking patio area

with walls start


Completed block paving

and fence work






















completion of brickwork and block pavingCompletion of brickwork

and block paving











drive afterdrive before worcesterDrive before Worcester



Drive after Worcester














fence block pavefence block pave startFence block pave start


Fence block pave in progress










fence work and block paveFence work and block pave












fence afterfence-beforeFence-before



Fence after














garden project aftegarden project beforeGarden project before



Garden project after









lift and relay block pave donelift and relay beforeLift and relay before


Lift and relay block pave done










moreton curve aftermoreton curve before.Moreton curve before.


Moreton curve after















moreton in progressMoreton startedMoreton started


Moreton in progress















Moreton near completeMoreton afterMoreton after


Moreton near complete











patio and pathdriveway before and after

Drive before/after


  • Patio and path












work on patio areaWork on patio area








Competed patio







completed roadside entrance








Completed roadside entrance



















Part of completed entrance

Part of completed entrance







Completed driveway



















allerdane proallerdane before pavingAllerdane before paving


Allerdane pro















allerdane finishallerdane progressAllerdane progress



Allerdane finish















allerdane turf afterallerdane turf startAllerdane turf start


Allerdane turf after